Does my ticket go into all of the drawings? How does that work?

To ensure that you get every possible opportunity for each door prize, each ticket number, whether acquired via registrations or donations, will be duplicated in a different color to correspond with the number of barrels for our door prizes.

For example, at the 2017 NOLA Fun Run, two different clinics—Audubon & FINO—each gave away IVFs. So, we had a Sarah’s Laughter barrel for the $10,000 grant, a FINO barrel for their IVFs, and an Audubon barrel for their IVF. Accordingly, we had distinct color-coded tickets for each barrel. So, in this example, each ticket number was represented by three physical tickets: each a different color, for a different barrel, yet all with the same ticket number.

So, let's say you ended up with 100 tickets via registrations and donations. You would not be forced to divide your 100 tickets among the different barrels representing different door prizes. You would get 100 tickets in color A for barrel A, another 100 tickets in color B for barrel B, etc.

That's a lot of tickets on which to write your name and contact info. (A good problem to have, right?) We strongly recommend using labels.