Can you mail me my shirt, mug, or sign?

If you are referring to the shirt included with registration:

Shirts are not shipped and we do not keep a supply of them after the race.

If you are part of a team and are unable to attend Baby Steps, your captain will still have your shirt.

If you purchased an additional shirt, mug or sign:

The cost of shipping is not factored into the cost of your purchase. Please contact us to make arrangements, such as:

  • Sarah's Laughter refunding your purchase (mugs and shirts only).
  • You picking up your purchase at our Support Center in Baton Rouge, LA.
  • You providing us with a shipping address and covering the cost of shipping and handling (shirts only).
  • We do not ship mugs. We will issue you a refund if you cannot pick it up at our Support Center.
  • We do not ship signs. Because customized signs cannot be re-used, we are unable to offer refunds. We will work with you to arrange a pickup at our Support Center, yet we do not have the space to keep unclaimed purchases indefinitely. Thank you for understanding.