How do I create a Fundraiser?

step 01.jpg

Open your Registration Confirmation email.
Click on "Manage Registration."

step 02.jpg

When the page opens, click on "Fundraiser" on the left under the Baby Steps logo.

step 03.jpg

Here's where it can get confusing.

To ensure that you get credit for every donation—and every ticket you deserve—we only do TEAM fundraisers for Baby Steps. However, now forces you to create an Individual fundraiser. So, go ahead and create the individual fundraiser; we'll delete it later.

The important part here is to scroll down to "Create or Join a Team Fundraiser (Optional)" and check the box "New Team Fundraiser."

step 04.jpg

Here's where you give your team fundraiser a name. Here is the formula: "Team name - Your Name."

Select your New Team Fundraiser Name & copy it (⌘-C on Mac, control-C on PC).
Click (or tap) "SET UP FUNDRAISER" to finish.