My husband and I only want to do IVF through Fertility Clinic X, not Fertility Clinic Y. Can we use all our tickets for just Clinic X?

In this scenario, there are separate barrels for Clinic X, for Clinic Y, and for Sarah's Laughter. Each registration will get three different color-coded tickets, one for each barrel.

So, let's say the number of "all" of your tickets (via registration and donation) is 100. You will get 100 Clinic X tickets. You will also get 100 Clinic Y tickets and 100 Sarah's Laughter tickets. You can choose, of course, not to use any of your tickets. We say the tickets are transferable but the prizes are not, and here's how this could benefit your scenario.

Historically, people swap and/or give away blank tickets to maximize their chances. For example, let's say you have a friend that's only interested in adoption. She would give you her (blank) IVF tickets and you would give her your (blank) grant tickets. Certainly you could also do this with specific clinics. Once a ticket is completed with name & contact info, however, it is no longer transferable. If you absolutely love Clinic X and would never leave it for Clinic Y, even if you win, then there's no reason to submit your tickets for Clinic Y's drawings.

Ultimately, we just want to give away as much stuff as we can in the most equitable and appropriate way we can think of.