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Team Captain News for Baby Steps NOLA 2/27/2018

Hi Captains,

First, thanks for doing Baby Steps.

Just wanted to touch base with some news/info you may or may not already know.

3 IVFs

We now have 3 IVFs that will be given away: one from Audubon Fertility & two from the Fertility Institute of New Orleans (FINO). This means we will be using three barrels for the drawings: one for Sarah’s Laughter, one for Audubon, and one for FINO. So, each ticket number will be represented by three physical tickets, each with sponsor-specific info & color coded. 

Labels Are Your Friend

The “good problem to have” about this is if you have a lot of tickets, you have to write your name, address, email and phone on a lot of tickets. I highly recommend using Avery 5160 labels. You can design and print on for free. 

If You Need Help Building Your Teams/Getting Donations

We’ve put a sample letter on that you can use to send to loved ones. Feel free to modify it and make it your own. Please note/change in places where it reads [spouse] or [Team Name]. 

We Still Have Tent Space

You can reserve a 10' x 10' space for a "tailgate" tent for your team at Baby Steps. Space is limited to to a maximum of 24 tents. Reservations are free, but "first come, first served." (We do not provide tents.) More info & reservation form at

Ticket Totals

I’ve started uploading timestamped PDFs of team ticket totals. This way you’re not in the dark about how close/far you are from another 10 tickets, how many labels you’ll need, etc. I’ll always put the latest timestamp on the site itself. Look for the link under “Captains Only” at

Frequently Asked Questions

Our FAQ page is a good source of information, especially if this is your first Baby Steps. You can find it at If you have a question that isn’t addressed there, please email me. A large part of the FAQ is based directly on your emails, so the more questions you ask, the more useful the FAQ will be for everyone.

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