Important Dates & Updates for NOLA Captains - March 5, 2018

Hey Captains,

Thanks for being a part of Baby Steps. We’re just a little over two weeks away! Below are some updates and important dates. Anytime I reference “the site” in this email, I mean


We have 11 spaces left for tents. You can reserve them on the site.


Going forward, I’ll put a copy of each email I send on our blog. That way, newer captains have an opportunity to “catch up” on anything they might have missed.

Important Dates & Times

  • March 9. Last day to order a sign is this Friday, March 9, 2018. There is a link to the store on the site.
  • March 21. Online registration closes at 1 PM Wednesday, March 21.
  • March 23. Packet pickup is at Metairie United Methodist Church (a map is on the site). All of your team’s shirts and tickets will be available for pickup, including purchases like signs & miracle shirts. If you have a lot of tickets, please pick them up on this day so that you will have time to write your contact info on/label every ticket. More info about labels is found on our FAQ page. Please send only one person per team to pick up your tickets. If you have a lot to pick up, someone will be available to help you bring them to your vehicle.
  • March 24 7:30-8:30 AM. Late registration & packet pickup. If you absolutely cannot have yourself or a team member pick up your tickets March 23, you can do so at this time. Please know, if you have a lot of tickets, one hour isn’t a lot of time to fill them all out. We’ve seen people literally in tears because they had a traffic issue and arrived late. Once the fun run starts, it’s too late to turn in your tickets. Please please please make arrangements for teammates to help you out.

You and Your Team on Baby Steps Day

Speaking of your teammates, please let them know where to meet you (such as your tent, the parking lot, etc.). This way, you can spend more time together (and give them their shirts). The tents will be arranged in a fan shape (as much as the trees will permit) around the stage. A volunteer will be in that area to a) help you locate your reserved tent space and b) help your team members find you. If you’re not using a tent and meeting up somewhere else, please let us know where so we can tell our volunteers. You can email me this info at

Team Captain Ticket Totals

The link to a time-stamped PDF of your ticket total is on the site in the Captains Only area. The timestamp is just above the link; that way, you don’t have to download the file to find out whether it’s new information or not.

Other info, such as directions and parking, can be found on the site. Our FAQ is also full of relevant information.

That’s all for now. Again, thanks for being a part of Baby Steps.


Jason Forbus

nolaJason Forbus