Baby Steps NOLA is This Saturday!

If you are on a team:

  • you don’t need to come by the registration tent
  • your captain has your shirt and tickets (you assigned them to her when you joined her team)
  • your captain has a roster with inventory and shirt sizes for your team
  • find out from your captain when/where to meet up (24 teams have tents; the other 50 or so don’t) so you can walk/run together, get your shirts, etc.

Other News/FAQ:

  • Online registration and donations close at 1 PM Wednesday, March 21.
  • Late registration is 7:30-8:30 Saturday, March 24 for $30, cash or check.
  • Completed tickets (filled out with name, address, email, phone) must be in the barrels at the registration tent before the fun run begins. Please please please make allowances for traffic. The fun run begins at 9:00.
  • We (logistically) sold out of Baby Steps shirts March 17. (We have to order in advance based on estimated attendance, and we’ve had a spike in registrations the last few days.) If you were able to select a shirt during registration or purchase one from the store, this doesn’t apply to you; your shirt is guaranteed. If you didn’t have the option to choose a shirt, please come by the registration tent after 9:30 on Baby Steps Day (once registration is closed and ticket barrels are moved to the stage). We might have VERY limited quantities and sizes at that time (from no-shows, unexpected overages, etcetera). We apologize for any inconvenience.
  • The number one question we get asked is some variation of “Do I have to register my child?” Here is the answer from our FAQ page: “The only reason to register your child would be to get another ticket for the drawing.” This answer doesn’t satisfy everyone. We don’t have a cut-off age. We don’t have family discounts. We don’t have bouncers on the lookout for toddlers without the proper credentials. While Baby Steps is a fundraiser and we’d love for you to register all of your family, friends, and neighbors, this is also about awareness and support, so we just want you there with as many people as possible walking with you. So, if you want the extra tickets in the drawing for yourself or who you’re supporting, register everyone you can. Someone even registered their dog at a previous event. Bottom line: we don’t want anyone to walk alone—literally or figuratively. That’s why we don’t insist on registering children. They are always welcome, registered or not.

The following information is all at

  • Packet Pickup Schedule & Location (Friday 3/23)
  • Late Registration & Packet Pickup (Saturday 7:30-8:30)
  • Event Schedule
  • Parking & Driving Directions
  • Fun Run Route
  • Our Generous Sponsors


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