Updates for NOLA Captains

Hi Captains,

  • Updated ticket totals for your teams are on the site at https://www.babystepsfunrun.com/nola/ (scroll down to the Captains Only Section).
  • We have three tent spaces left. Again, these are first come/first served. All reservations are time-stamped. If more than three people reserve a tent space before I can close the form, I have to go by the three oldest time-stamps as to who gets a reserved space. Having said that, La Salle is a big place and you can still bring a tent. It just won't be close to the staging area.
  • I've gotten some emails about missing fundraisers, so I wanted to re-state what I've said about our methodology in the past but perhaps not often enough recently. To keep things simple from an ease-of-donation standpoint and a data management standpoint, we only use team fundraisers. Runsignup.com makes it incredibly easy (as in without sometimes realizing it) to make individual fundraisers. When this happens, we either delete them or convert them into team fundraisers. Additionally, we add the captain's name to the team name to make it easy for donors to recognize. (They might not know your team name, but they know yours.) For example: Predatory Pomeranians - Jane Doe.
  • Why not just keep the individual fundraiser? (I'm glad you asked.) We calculate your ticket totals by combining team registrations with tickets earned via donations. For this calculation to be accurate, the team name must match the fundraiser name. We "get" that every ticket matters. That's why we're neurotic about the names of teams and fundraisers. So, from a data/programming standpoint, our choices regarding individual fundraisers were: zombie apocalypse (include) or Disney World (not include). We chose Disney.
  • Remember, you can find previous (most, but not all) emails on our blog.
  • Please, especially if this is your first Baby Steps, go and read our FAQ. It is there specifically for you to explain what we (uniquely) do.

Thanks for baby-stepping. Please email me with any questions.

Don't Walk Alone,

Jason Forbus



"If you're one of eight, you're one of us."

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