Race Teams, Fundraising Teams, Donations, and Tickets

Each registration gets one ticket for the giveaways drawn at Baby Steps. To increase their chances in the drawing, many runners form race teams on runsignup.com. For the drawing(s), each team member's ticket is assigned to the team captain.


The way runsignup.com is designed, race teams are distinct from fundraising teams. So, team captains, please make sure you have a) set up your fundraising team and b) make sure your team members are on both your race & fundraising team. If you need help, or have any questions regarding how to do this, contact jason@sarahs-laughter.com.


Fundraising Teams & Donations


Friends, family, and anyone who wants to show support can make a tax-deductible donation that will benefit your team while supporting the ministry of Sarah's Laughter. Here's how it works:



Your employer can also show support by becoming a sponsor, and can assign you tickets. However, because sponsors get placement on various media, signage, and T-shirts, and the goodwill of thousands on the day of the fun run, corporate tickets work a little differently. This is outlined on the corporate sponsor page (link).


Good luck!


April 8, 2017

LaSalle Park

Metairie, Louisiana

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