March 24, 2018

La Salle Park

Metairie, Louisiana


The Baby Steps NOLA Fun Run is March 24, 2018 at La Salle Park in Metairie, Louisiana.


The Baby Steps Infertility Awareness Walk, Fun Run, and Giveaway is a community event to raise awareness for infertility. (This is not a timed race.)


Sarah's Laughter will give one couple struggling with infertility a chance at becoming parents by giving them a $10,000 Family Building Grant toward the family-growing option of their choice: either adoption or infertility treatment at the SART-listed clinic of your choice. SART is the Society for Assisted Reproductive Technology. SART clinics meet the highest standards for quality, safety and patient care. You can search for a clinic on their site here.

Other door prizes are TBD.